Steps to avoid age discrimination in workplace as a business owner

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Discrimination is usually associated with race, creed, religion, or color. However, there is another form of discrimination that has become far too common in the workplace – age discrimination. It’s unlikely to get a promotion or upwardly mobile job once you reach your late forties or early fifties. But it’s the truth. We put our most talented people out to pasture on a regular basis, more often than not far before their time is done. You as an employer could be guilty of it too.

The first step is to keep track of the people you’re hiring. While most age discrimination in the workplace singapore, some of the more blatant cases occur in the interview and application process. Keep track of your hiring practices using applicant tracking software that is OFCCP compliant. If you discriminate against older candidates who are seeking jobs with you inadvertently, you could be hurting your business. It may even be that you aren’t hiring enough younger or entry-level employees. This is discrimination as well.

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The recruitment tracking software you use to keep track of compliance issues can also help you to place talented candidates into specific roles. Take a moment to examine your departmental makeup. You probably have a few that could use some fresh blood that has just graduated from college and others that might benefit from the input of someone with a few years experience.

The key to avoiding age discrimination is paying attention to your employees. Walk around the floor as you observe easily observable patterns. While you are touring your facility, ask yourself a few questions. Employers who don’t have a mix of young and old, diverse races and ethnicities, might just be discriminating.