Charitable Donations 2010.

Each year during our Banquet money is raised which always goes to a charity. This year it was decided to split the funding and donate to two charities. One is the Life Support Group in Monaghan, and the other is to people who are raising funds for the AT society in Northern Ireland. The Life Support group are dealing with issues relating to suicide and the aftermath and are doing great work in providing a support service for those who need it. The AT Society is also doing wonderful work to assist families and those suffering from AT. AT stands for - Ataxia-Telangiectasia and it is a rare inherited condition which affects children. It is a progressive disease which starts in early childhood, and causes severe disability and early death. The A-T Society provides support for those affected and their families and also funds research into the disease.

Aedamar and Conor McCann, whose son Finn was diagnosed with the condition when he was 18 months old and is now 6 years of age, are fundraising for the Society and it was to them that the Writers decided to donate the funding available from the Banquet.
Our thanks to all who supported the Ballot at the Banquet so generously and provided us with the funds to help these two very worthy causes in some little way. May your giving return to you one hundred fold.

John P Graham and Tony McGee present the cheque to Conor and Aedamar McCann and Garrett Mallon, who are fundraising for the
AT Society.

John P Graham presents the cheque to Teresa McKenna, Secretary, and Seamus McAdam, Treasurer, of the Monaghan Life Support Group