Our Secretary, Matt, received the following response from Lenny Harbinson after the Presentation of the UGAAWriters/Quinn-Insurance March Monthly Award:

On behalf of St Gall's Senior Football Panel and Management I would like to say thank you to the Ulster GAA Writers' Association for the award tonight.

Like many of your members I remember the time that the print media was the only means of how GAA games across Ulster were actually promoted. From the depths of winter to the hard pitches of summer the passionate reporting of games helped to drive people like me into our local "Field of Dreams" to play Gaelic Games unaware as to where that journey would take many of us....

Today, although the electronic media has taken Gaelic Games in another direction, we all still look out for the Irish News on a Monday, the Tele on
a Tues night, the various regional papers such as the Down Recorder in mid-week and recently Gaelic Life on a Friday to provide us all with match
reports, comments, player ratings etc.

As once stated....the "pen is mightier than the sword" (or maybe that should be the TV!) so continue with your excellent work.


Thank you Lenny for expressing those thoughts.