Is VAPT testing important?

Have you ever heard about VAPT testing? Its full form is vulnerability and penetration testing. So first coming to the meaning of vulnerability assessment operation of finding, identifying and defining the unsafety’s related to the software of computer or the network. There are different types of vulnerability assessment, and they are:

  • Passive assessment
  • International assessment
  • Network assessment
  • Application assessment
  • Active assessment
  • Host-based assessment
  • External assessment
  • Wireless network assessment

Know comes to penetration testing; it is an operation of hacking the network or the system with the permission of the owner to know the unsafety and vulnerability in that network to make it more strong and enhance the network. There are also different types of vulnerability assessment, and they are:

vapt testing

  • Black box penetration assessment
  • Grey box penetration assessment
  • White box penetration assessment

Vulnerability assessment and penetration assessment is collectively known as vapt testing.

Advantages of VAPT testing

There are a lot of advantages of VAPT testing, and some of them are

  • The first and main benefit of VAPT testing is that it protects your software from unwanted vulnerabilities and hacking.
  • After getting your software tested by VAPT, your business reputation will increase as people could know that your software and network is safe.
  • VAPT testing protects your software and network from external as well as internal attacks.
  • It also keeps your financial data safe which can be either transfer between two networks or two systems.
  • It keeps the customer satisfied by keeping their data safe and secure.
  • It also helps to find and correct the loopholes in the system.

As you all know, security is the priority of every person, and every person has a right to know about the security and feel safe while working with you, so VAPT testing is important. 


After knowing and understanding VAPT testing, its types and the benefits, now we know why it is important.